To upload your presentation please go to the following website:, login with your username and password and go to my presentation section. Please note that the username used to submit an abstract will not work, you must have a valid username. Your username will be the same one used to register to the congress.
All audiovisual presentation files must be submitted through this site by January 29, 2016. After this date, submissions will only be accepted on-site at the Speaker Ready Room.

During the submission process PSAV customer service representatives will be available to assist you by mail to
Our technical staff will also be available to assist you at the Speaker Ready Room.
The Speaker Ready room and Sessions Meeting rooms will have at your disposal Mac Books running OS X Yosemite and PowerPoint and PCs running Office 2010 (PowerPoint 2010). To ensure the success of your presentation, we strongly recommend that once your presentation is uploaded, you review it at the Speaker Ready Room, especially if it includes video, audio or animation.

Accepted file formats:

  1. Microsoft Office PowerPoint (.ppt or .pptx)
  2. Apple Keynote (.key)

To Upload Your Presentation
Please be sure to upload your presentation file along with all multimedia files (audio or video); otherwise, your presentation might not perform as expected. It is very important that all the files are uploaded into the same folder. Please check for accepted multimedia file formats in the Additional Information section below.

Speaker Ready Room: All presenters must check in at the speaker ready room to review their presentation, preferably a day before the presentation takes place. IT personnel will be at your disposal to gladly assist you should you require so.
If you choose to upload your presentation during the meeting, you must do so at least FOUR HOURS before your scheduled presentation time.

VERY IMPORTANT: If you are running late and haven’t uploaded your presentation, please head straight to the Speaker Ready Room.

Bring backup: Please bring a backup copy of your presentation, audio and video files, to the meeting on your computer or a USB drive, in case during the event there is a problem with the electronic transfer of your presentation, which we are unable to resolve prior to your arrival onsite.
When you are reviewing your presentation, please ensure that fonts, images, animations, audio and video are running in the way you intend to.
The computers at the meeting rooms share the same operating system and software as the computers in the Speaker Ready Room. If your presentation is not running as intended in the Speaker Ready Room, the same will happen at the meeting rooms.

During your presentation: Every meeting room will have an AV technician available at your service, to set up your presentation at the scheduled time. Once ready, you can control your presentation using a wired mouse that will be available at the podium. No laser pointer will be provided, but you can control a pointer in the screen using the mouse.

Additional Information
Security: Every presenter must show a photo ID when accessing the Speaker Ready Room, either to review his or her presentation or to upload it. 
IT technicians have no access to presenter’s usernames and passwords. Presenters are required to login at the Speaker Ready Room themselves.

Multimedia Files: Our system is only capable of accepting the following multimedia file formats:

  • .wmv   -  (Windows Media Video)
  • .mpg   -  (Moving Pictures Group)
  • .mp4

For a better performance, we recommend that each audio or video file size does not exceed 20 MB. However, there is no limit in the number of multimedia files that can be uploaded with your presentation.

Suggestions for Presentation Building
PowerPoint embeds image files directly in the presentation file, but not video or audio files. Therefore, it is essential to upload video or audio files separately.

Fonts: We recommend using Arial or Helvetica, to ensure compatibility. For slide titles, font size 36-40 is recommended, while text should be at least size 24. When building a slide, we suggest using brilliant colors for the text, and a dark background. Using bright green or red as a background usually results in a slide that is difficult for the public to see.

Images: Screen resolution will be 1024 x 768 pixels. Any image exceeding this resolution might not project adequately. The image will be automatically modified by PowerPoint, adapting it to screen resolution.
Images with resolution of 2000 x 1500 or higher from digital cameras or scanners may result in a very large presentation file, which may affect the performance of the presentation management system. Smaller files are better.

We suggest the following parameters for image files:

  • Format: .jpg
  • Resolution: 800 x 600 pixels
  • Compression level: 8 (high quality)

Speaker Disclosure Slides for Presentations

The WOC2016 abides by rules formulated by the European Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education (EACCME) that require speakers to disclose any relevant financial relationship they may have had within the last 12 months. Each presenter must have a first slide pertaining to financial interests and make a statement at the beginning of their presentation. This first slide must either:
- Disclose all financial interests (see sample below), or
- If there is nothing to disclose, the slide must state, “I (insert name) have no financial disclosures that would be a potential conflict of interest with this presentation.”

Sample disclosure slide:
financial disclosure