To submit your e-poster please login with your username and password and go to my e-posters section. Please note that the username used to submit an abstract will not work, you must have a valid woc2016.org username. Your username will be the same one used to register to the congress.

In order for your e-poster to appear in the system and in the program, either the author or at least one co-author must be registered before the submission deadline.

The deadline to submit your e-poster is December 18th, 2015 before 11:00 pm CST. Late submissions may not be considered and could be left out.

The title used in the presentation must be the same title used in the abstract.

A financial disclosure must be included in the second slide of the PowerPoint File. If you have no financial gain, please include it in your financial disclosure.

No Brands or Company names may be used in the title slide (first slide).

All presentations must follow these technical specs:

  • All e-posters must be submitted as PowerPoint files (.ppt or .pptx)
  • e-posters must have 25 slides or less to be accepted and the size of the whole file or folder must not exceed 50 Mb (this includes the .ppt file and any videos in the same folder).
  • e-posters may have up to 5 videos, only .mpeg, .mpg, .mov, .wmv or .mp4 may be used

o   Videos included in any other format will be deleted and will not be replaced, .avi files are NOT accepted.

o   If videos are included, make sure you copy and .zip the folder including the .ppt file and video files. ONLY INCLUDE VIDEOS IN THE .ppt FILE THAT ARE IN THE SAME FOLDER.

     PowerPoint files submitted must be standard 4:3 slide size. Your e-poster shouldn’t be a single slide, but include multiple slides guiding the viewer through it.

  • You may use as many pictures as you want in .jpg or .png format

e-posters allow viewers and authors to provide feedback in real time. If you do not want viewers to send you feedback to the e-mail provided please check the box upon uploading your files.

To see an example of an e-Poster in its find viewing format. Please click here

If you have any questions regarding your e-poster please feel free to contact us: e-poster@woc2016.org