WOC2016 Exhibiting and Sponsorship Opportunities

The World Ophthalmology Congress offers a wide range of exhibiting and sponsorship opportunities for companies and organizations to reach ophthalmologists from around the world with their important messages while supporting the values of the conference.

Exhibiting opportunities - Exhibitor Technical Manual

The WOC2016 brings ophthalmologist from around the world to learn and share the latest innovations in treatment and diagnosis of ophthalmological diseases, blindness prevention and ophthalmic surgery. In WOC2016 ophthalmologists come to earn continuing medical education and to update themselves about the latest products available in the technical exhibit hall.

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Sponsorship opportunities

Corporate partners' consistent support allows WOC2016 to provide a variety of programs and services to its members and is vital to the continued advancement of the specialty. WOC2016 recognizes its partners in a variety of publications, at the World Ophthalmology Congress and in other ways.

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